Why I do not plan for the future?


When I was younger I made a plan. A plan of what my life would look like in the future. What I would study at university, what job I would do and when I would get married. If there was a plan I could make, I did so wholeheartedly. I became so focused on my goals that I forgot that there is a little thing called life!

Life has it's own plan.

Slowly things did not work out to plan. I got rejections, did not perform well in exams, family members became ill and subsequently died. My plan was falling to pieces and instead of adapting and changing it to my circumstances I became obsessed with making sure it would hold. I was trying to hold bits of fragmented glass together hoping it would magically glue back together. Over the years I began to realise. That plans are made up of glass. Glass that can easily shatter and break.

Only looking back did I realise that making and obsessing over my plan was my downfall. When things were not working out to plan my anxiety grew. I became focused on what was going wrong instead of thinking what could go right.

So why mention this now?

My Year 8s and Year 11s all have made choices. Choices for their A-levels, their careers and their GCSE's. And I have told them the same thing. Keep focused on the here and now or the immediate task in front of you. So for my Year 8s, focus on your GCSE options rather than worrying so much about A-levels and University options. This is because plans are meant to change as life constantly evolves!