About Me

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As of September 2019, I've been a Secondary Science teacher in the UK for the last three years. Recently, I have completed my Masters in Education from Durham University. I am also a first generation British Pakistani hijabi trying to balance both cultures!

When I returned to school after the second lockdown, things felt different. I knew I was not the same and it became apparent that my students were not too. As a teacher, I was encouraged to teach as normal and plough through the curriculum. But my students needed more. They need more support than I can give them in a 1 hour lesson. And it's not just support with passing their GCSE's. It's a lot to do with their own personal growth as learners inside and outside of the classroom.

So that is what this blog is all about. To help provide advice to students outside of my normal science lessons. I will also be writing about what has helped me grow as a teacher over the last three years.

What I'm Working On

  1. πŸ‘©β€πŸ«I'm a Secondary School Science teacher working in the UK. I did my undergraduate in Dental Technology and worked in industry for two years before qualifying as a teacher.
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